April 1954
H.Maruyama, (Chairman) has founded gemstone polishing business at Saku city, Nagano Prefecture.
March 1959
H.Maruyama has established “Shinsyu Jewelry Company Limited” at Asakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, accompanied the Tokyo Factory at the same premise.
October 1989
Renamed the Company as ESTELLE.
April 1996
KIMBERLEY Co.,Ltd. has established.
February 1997
Registered own stock at Japan Securities Dealers Association.
December 2000
Established ESTELLE VIETNAM Co.,Ltd. in Vietnam.
July 2001
Established Saigon Pearls Co.,Ltd. in Vietnam.
December 2004
Listed our stock on JASDAQ.
October 2006
Established Saigon Optical Co.,Ltd. in Vietnam.
October 2009
ESTELLE CO., LTD. merged AZUMI Co., Ltd.(previously named Tsurukame Corporation) and renamed to As-me ESTELLE CO., LTD.
October 2010
Opened Kofu Office, Head Office of the Product group.
November 2010
Moved the company Head Office to Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
December 2011
Launched As-me ESTELLE overseas retail operations The First Flag Shop in Vietnam (Hanoi, Long Bien Shop)The First Pearl specialized Shop in Nha Trang, Vietnam
May 2013
Acquisition of BLOOM group.
November 2013
Transferred listing market from JASDAQ to 2nd section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
April 2014
First Flag Shop in Cambodia (Phnom Penh)
December 2014
Transferred listing market from 2nd section to 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
April 2017
Established HARRY&Co.,Ltd. in Vietnam
June 2017
Our subsidiary company, VILLAGE VANGUARD PLACE Co., Ltd started food sales and restaurant business
March 2018
Melded BLOOM Co.,Ltd.
March 2018
Established Concept Eyewear Manufacture Vietnam Co.,Ltd. in Vietnam
October 2018
Changed to holding company structure. Company name was changed to ESTELLE HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Jewelry sales business is continued by a split company, As-me ESTELLE CO., LTD.
March 2021
Acquisition of VILLAGE VANGUARD PLACE Co.,Ltd.